Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blogging and Daydreaming

Well I have finally got around to starting my own blog.

I am still working this all out, so its a real work in progress for now, but I am sure its going to be a great experience.

For those that know me already, they will know I seem to be unable to write short notes..I am sure this blog wont be any exception! lol

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts, tips and daydreams with you as I head down this path, but for now I think this might do for my first journey into this new area, so I will say goodnight for now and will catch anyone out there tomorrow!


Bubbles n More Handmade Soap and Bodycare said...

Hi Amanda,
Its great to see you doing so well :)
Cheers, Kylie

Lou @ Aspire Candles said...

Hi Amanda,
Wow your blog looks great. You will have to put in the "follow me" application so I can follow you.
Warm wishes

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