Monday, November 9, 2009

Mea Culpa Body and Bath, showcase of the week!

This weeks showcase is all about Jasmina Radosavac and Mea Culpa Body and Bath. Our showcase of the week is a little bit different this week as the small business mum is from America!

Jasmina was originally from Yugoslavia, but moved to the United States 10 years ago. Jasmina is a stay at home mum who takes care of her two girls and husband. Jasmina always looks forward to the mornings when her little girls wake up and go in to cuddle with her while they are still warm from their beds. Her days are mostly filled with taking care of the girls needs, so her craft really gives her a minute of sanity and emergence in some other world.

Jasmina has had a long lead up to creating her own bath and body business. She first started her journey when she got interested in alternative medicine and holistic treatments. Her younger daughter used to have a hard time breathing at night every time she got sick and would wake up coughing and crying and sometimes even vomiting from all the mucus in her airways. Around this time Jasmina also started practising Reiki - 'channeling' the life energy that flows freely and is available to everyone - and incorporated that with some eucalyptus essential oils and it helped her young daughter get through the nights easier.

From there Jasmina thought she might try to share and help other people as well. She started a blog and was looking through other people's blogs when she came to an Etsy widget and went to see what it was all about. She loved the idea of having a little online shop herself to sell products in so she opened her own store and sold premade sprays, lotions and shampoo's while she learnt to make them herself so she could add ingredients she liked and thought would be helpful.

Jasmina soon realised that not all people liked essential oil products, that often they liked the scent choices that fragranced oils could offer, and that is how she came to be where she is today.

Jasmina is inspired by other people. She is always eager to help others and everytime she talks to someone and they mention some problem they might be having, like a dry scalp, balding, thin hair, rashes, wrinkles etc, right away she starts brainstorming about what she can do to help, and she doesn't stop until she gets it perfect. She says her reward is when friends or family call her to tell her how it has helped them, and this is why people are her greatest inspiration.

Jasmina never tries to think too far into the future because she says, you never know what life will throw at you. She does hope that she is still going to be doing what she loves, like cooking up creams and lotions, and that she will still have spare time to be with her family and friends. She hopes her business grows, but doesn't want to be one of those people who dont have time to customise an order or talk to a person that has a question. She would like to open a store at some plaza and that way really connect to people. Jasmina sells her work at both her online stores. One is at Artfire and one is at Etsy

Jasmina thinks people should buy handmade products because we need to support local artists and also because you know exactly what is in the product you are buying and that no one was discriminated against by working in poor conditions and being paid minimal wages, and lastly because the beauty products are always better for you if they are handmade, they dont have any harsh ingredients in them.

So drop by her etsy store, her artfire store and her blog and get to know her a bit better and have a look at her gorgeous products!

Friday, November 6, 2009

What I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Mother

Bodelicious is also helping to promote some fantastic Australian ladies -

Peace and Katy - who are the authors of this fabulous book -

"What I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Mother"

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Overall Being Christmas Gift Pack Competition!

Hello Everyone! We are part of the following Christmas Gift Pack Competition that Lisa from Overall Being is running right now! Read on to find out more...

Christmas Gift Pack Competition from Overall Being!

Work at home businesses are usually run by mothers who are at home. Mothers who not only devote their time, love, attention, support and passion into the family/home, but also find further love to add into a hobby to create a business.

I would like to thank the following businesses in donating very unique & fabulous prizes to be added into my Overall Being Christmas Gift Basket.

What is inside the basket???

* Agoo Leg Huggers & 10% off card voucher
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* Coastal Chocolates x2 Vouchers of their delicious Chocolate Bark
* The House of Vintner 50 Postcards for free Voucher
* Heaven Bound Gifts A diary, notebook and a voucher for $35
* Bodelicious Green Tea Cleansing Bar & Green Clover and Aloe soap
* What I wish I knew Before I Became A Mother Novel.
* Overall Being Pandora Pen, Assorted Grocery Items, Reiki Blessed Crystal Bracelet, An expression Ware Bracelet & a 100g bag of Peaceful Dreams Herbal Tea

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Aquabub, this weeks new showcase!

Hello everyone, this weeks small business showcase with Helen MacMillan of Aquabub, a wonderful New Zealand business!

Helen MacMillan lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her wonderful husband of 7.5 years and father to their two precious boys, Ethan (born November 2006) and Aiden (born December 2008).

Helen started her home-based business, Aquabub in mid 2007 by hiring out the super-comfy inflatable birth pool she'd laboured in with her son Ethan. Demand soon led to Aquabub having seven hire pools and then further expanding to offer natural parenting products, including baby carriers, natural fibre modern cloth nappies, Baltic amber jewellery, organic bamboo babywear and more.
Helen is very proud to be the New Zealand distributor for five product lines, one of which she also exports, and she enjoys sourcing new products and brands which aren't readily available in New Zealand in the natural parenting market.
Helen loves the autonomy of running her own business and finding solutions to customer problems, for example sourcing natural fibre modern cloth nappies for families who's children don't tolerate synthetic fibres against their skin (like her own boys). She also loves and feels very privileged to share birth stories on her website when her birth pool hire customers share them. She feels they are a great resource for prospective parents who may be considering birthing at home or using water for their labour/birth.

Helen says one of the harder things about running a home business around two young children is managing work and family life balance. Life is certainly a juggling act!

Because all Helen's products are also used by her family, its hard for her to choose a favourite, though the Kozy Carrier is very dear to her heart and is one of the brands that Aquabub distributes. Helen says its super comfy, ergonomic and supports baby's developing spine safely. Helen also says she has enjoyed and still does enjoy, carrying both boys in a Kozy as does her husband. She says its liberating to be able to wear the boys on her back, as the boys are comforted and she is still able to get things done around the house or with the business. She also loves to carry them on her front as Aiden has been worn this way since he was a newborn and he loves to sleep in the Kozy Carrier!

Another of Helen's best sellers is her range of Baltic amber teething necklaces - a great alternative for soothing baby's teething pain. They have been traditionally used in Europe for centuries, the necklaces are designed to be worn against the skin. As the Baltic amber warms against the skin, the amber releases oils containing natural analgesic (pain relieving) properties which are absorbed through the skin into the blood stream. Baltic amber also helps skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis and is a natural remedy for many other conditions.

Helen's storefront is her website, but she also attends a local Artisan market once a month and enjoys being able to show selected items from her product range in person. In November Helen will be introducing a lay-by service to make shopping with Aquabub even easier!
So there you now know all about Helen and her wonderful business! Go and have a look at her website and see all the things she has to won't be disappointed!
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