Monday, May 31, 2010

Di Licious - Cupcakes, Sweets n' Treats!

This weeks feature small business is Di..Licious and its run by a mother and daughter team right here in Ipswich.

Imagine, catching up with your friends for a quiet cuppa and a scrumptious to you your children are entertaining themselves in the kids corner and you hear their squeals of delight as they get their baby cupcake!

Well you can do exactly this, at Di..Licious - downstairs at the Old Flour Mill in Ipswich!

Over the last two years this quaint business has grown in leaps and bounds.

Originally Renee used to buy cupcakes from her mother Dianne for morning tea where she worked and they were always a huge hit with all the staff.

News of the fantastic cupcakes soon spread and the mother and daughter team started doing their local markets as well for a bit of fun and socialising and to share their delicious treats with others.

The cupcakes were so popular though that the business soon needed both Dianne and Renee there full time to bake and decorate their creations and get them out to people, so Renee gave up work to become her mothers partner in the cupcake business – they have not looked back since.

Today they have a gorgeous cozy store at the Old Flour Mill building at the top of Ipswich where they sell their yummy cakes and other assorted goodies from Tuesday to Saturday each week.

Di..Licious currently have 25 flavours of cupcakes that they create and those are: Lemon.licious, Turkish Delight, Choc Fudge, Choc Devils Food, Choc Coco.licious, Mint, Plain White Choc, Coconut Ice, Carrot, Passion Fruit, Banana Delight, Coffee, Mallow Madness, Oreo, Jaffa, Rocky Road, Toblerone, Strawberry, Plain Choc, Caramel, Bee.licious Honeycomb, Maltesers, Coconut Rough, Lamington Angels and Orange. They also sell assorted biscuits – like macadamia and white chocolate, chocolate chip, peanut and chocolate, cornflake biscuits, Itty Bitty Spotty Dotties and everyone’s favourite, melting moments.

They also have gluten free biscuits for those with special needs.

Di..Licious recently made up a special order of 1,000 cupcakes for Gatton University of Queensland for an event they were staging and they had great feedback and lots of fun getting those ready for them.

They can also create gorgeous cupcakes for weddings and baby showers, all you need to do is discuss your needs with them and pick out the cake flavour you want and how you want it to look.

Just organise it two weeks before they are needed, the rest is fuss free and fantastic quality.

You can even hire assorted cupcake stands from them to display your tastey treats on your special day. They have mixed small stands from $10.00 (plus deposit) right up to wedding cake stands which are only $50.00 to hire with a $100.00 refundable deposit.

What better way to display your stunning assortment of scrummy cupcakes?!

Biscuits can also be made to order for special events like the cupcakes can and a great time to have these on hand are for the biggest morning tea’s!

All orders are strictly pick up only unless you have pre arranged for them to be delivered.

If you want a special treat for your childs loot bags, then you can pick up a wide variety of lollies at the store as well..they also have pre made loot bags for busy mums.

They sell a range of different sized cup cakes from mini bite size’d ones for $2.00, regular sized cupcakes are $3.00, texas (large) cupcakes are $6.00, round cupcakes are $10.00 and giant cupcakes are $50.00, so there is DEFINATELY something for everyone!

We had one of our son’s 21st birthday this last weekend and of course we got these talented ladies to make up cupcakes for him. I could not believe how easy it was to organise. I was extremely happy with the cupcakes and the price was excellent so I was also able to get him a ‘round’ cupcake with his name and 21 on it with a special black and white cow made up on top. He LOVED his special cupcake and it was the centrepiece of the cupcake stand! (which I hired for a very reasonable cost)

The cupcakes were fabulous and exactly right, we had half vanilla and half chocolate cupcakes and half were white butter icing with little black stars on them with white 21’s on them and the other half had white butter icing with black chocolate ‘jaffa’ balls on top.

Because we have readers from all over Australia and beyond, Dianne and Renee from Di..Licious are offering as a treat for their giveaway for this feature the choice of either $10.00 of cupcakes from their shop if you are local OR if you are not local you can get a $10.00 lolly pack sent to a great choice of excellent prizes!

To be in the draw all you have to do is go to the Di..Licious blog page and look up the cupcake flavours and post a comment here on our blog in the comments section at the end of this feature - and state which flavour of cupcake you think sounds best – now how easy is THAT??

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cheeky Chuckles Give Away Winners!

Hello Everyone..

Well we took a while to work out where we are now allowed to announce the winners of the give aways on here, so thank you for your patience Jo! Seems we are not allowed to announce winners on our Facebook page where we were announcing them till now so from now on all announcements of winners will be on here, so you will need to remember to pop in and check up on that yourself ok? I will remind everyone to come to my blog to read who the winners are though on my FB page.

Anyway..without further are the three LUCKY WINNERS of this last blog feature from Jo at Cheeky Chuckles!

1.  Louisa Ward - you won the Wee Target, please let us know how you like it and we will update our blog with that information for others!

2.  Sally Guiver - you won the Bodelicious Chocolate Indulgence Soap, please let us know how you liked it and we will update the blog with that information as well.

3.  Hailey - Now we are NOT sure who Hailey is as she has no link to her name on the blog comment to find out who she Hailey PLEASE contact me at and I will get you in touch with Jo to receive your lovely prize, which is the TUTU...again..please let us know how you liked it and we will update the blog to let everyone know!

All winners were picked with a random number generator. If we cant find out who Hailey by the end of NEXT week, we will have no option but to redraw her lovely gift please remember to keep an eye out for winners here, and if anyone KNOWS Hailey..please let her know she WON!

Thats all for right now everyone, thank you SO much for making these give aways so much fun!

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