Monday, November 9, 2009

Mea Culpa Body and Bath, showcase of the week!

This weeks showcase is all about Jasmina Radosavac and Mea Culpa Body and Bath. Our showcase of the week is a little bit different this week as the small business mum is from America!

Jasmina was originally from Yugoslavia, but moved to the United States 10 years ago. Jasmina is a stay at home mum who takes care of her two girls and husband. Jasmina always looks forward to the mornings when her little girls wake up and go in to cuddle with her while they are still warm from their beds. Her days are mostly filled with taking care of the girls needs, so her craft really gives her a minute of sanity and emergence in some other world.

Jasmina has had a long lead up to creating her own bath and body business. She first started her journey when she got interested in alternative medicine and holistic treatments. Her younger daughter used to have a hard time breathing at night every time she got sick and would wake up coughing and crying and sometimes even vomiting from all the mucus in her airways. Around this time Jasmina also started practising Reiki - 'channeling' the life energy that flows freely and is available to everyone - and incorporated that with some eucalyptus essential oils and it helped her young daughter get through the nights easier.

From there Jasmina thought she might try to share and help other people as well. She started a blog and was looking through other people's blogs when she came to an Etsy widget and went to see what it was all about. She loved the idea of having a little online shop herself to sell products in so she opened her own store and sold premade sprays, lotions and shampoo's while she learnt to make them herself so she could add ingredients she liked and thought would be helpful.

Jasmina soon realised that not all people liked essential oil products, that often they liked the scent choices that fragranced oils could offer, and that is how she came to be where she is today.

Jasmina is inspired by other people. She is always eager to help others and everytime she talks to someone and they mention some problem they might be having, like a dry scalp, balding, thin hair, rashes, wrinkles etc, right away she starts brainstorming about what she can do to help, and she doesn't stop until she gets it perfect. She says her reward is when friends or family call her to tell her how it has helped them, and this is why people are her greatest inspiration.

Jasmina never tries to think too far into the future because she says, you never know what life will throw at you. She does hope that she is still going to be doing what she loves, like cooking up creams and lotions, and that she will still have spare time to be with her family and friends. She hopes her business grows, but doesn't want to be one of those people who dont have time to customise an order or talk to a person that has a question. She would like to open a store at some plaza and that way really connect to people. Jasmina sells her work at both her online stores. One is at Artfire and one is at Etsy

Jasmina thinks people should buy handmade products because we need to support local artists and also because you know exactly what is in the product you are buying and that no one was discriminated against by working in poor conditions and being paid minimal wages, and lastly because the beauty products are always better for you if they are handmade, they dont have any harsh ingredients in them.

So drop by her etsy store, her artfire store and her blog and get to know her a bit better and have a look at her gorgeous products!

Friday, November 6, 2009

What I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Mother

Bodelicious is also helping to promote some fantastic Australian ladies -

Peace and Katy - who are the authors of this fabulous book -

"What I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Mother"

From now until 5pm on the 11th December 2009, every purchase of this fantastic book "What I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Mother" from Bodelicious Bath & Body Products website goes into the draw to win a share of over $600 in prizes for Christmas.

So don't miss out on this fantastic offer. Not only will you get a fabulous book for yourself or a loved one, you will also have the chance to win a fantastic prize as well.

It would make an excellent gift for yourself, or a new mum or mum to be and at $19.95 excellent value for money!

Get your copy HERE!

Overall Being Christmas Gift Pack Competition!

Hello Everyone! We are part of the following Christmas Gift Pack Competition that Lisa from Overall Being is running right now! Read on to find out more...

Christmas Gift Pack Competition from Overall Being!

Work at home businesses are usually run by mothers who are at home. Mothers who not only devote their time, love, attention, support and passion into the family/home, but also find further love to add into a hobby to create a business.

I would like to thank the following businesses in donating very unique & fabulous prizes to be added into my Overall Being Christmas Gift Basket.

What is inside the basket???

* Agoo Leg Huggers & 10% off card voucher
* MillaRuby Designs A Japanese fabric handmade Bubble Purse with matching shell button
* Pure Natural LivingBare Naked Soap with Goats Milk, Lavender Soap & Lavender Bath Salts.
* Coastal Chocolates x2 Vouchers of their delicious Chocolate Bark
* The House of Vintner 50 Postcards for free Voucher
* Heaven Bound Gifts A diary, notebook and a voucher for $35
* Bodelicious Green Tea Cleansing Bar & Green Clover and Aloe soap
* What I wish I knew Before I Became A Mother Novel.
* Overall Being Pandora Pen, Assorted Grocery Items, Reiki Blessed Crystal Bracelet, An expression Ware Bracelet & a 100g bag of Peaceful Dreams Herbal Tea

So if you like what you have read so far, then pop on over to Lisa's blog HERE and find out HOW you can enter to win this FABULOUS PRIZE!

You could WIN this amazing gift basket from some fabulous WAHM businesses valued over $150 in just following 3 easy steps! Click HERE to read how to enter NOW.

The winner will be announced HERE and on Overall Being's website and also on her Blog HERE.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Aquabub, this weeks new showcase!

Hello everyone, this weeks small business showcase with Helen MacMillan of Aquabub, a wonderful New Zealand business!

Helen MacMillan lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her wonderful husband of 7.5 years and father to their two precious boys, Ethan (born November 2006) and Aiden (born December 2008).

Helen started her home-based business, Aquabub in mid 2007 by hiring out the super-comfy inflatable birth pool she'd laboured in with her son Ethan. Demand soon led to Aquabub having seven hire pools and then further expanding to offer natural parenting products, including baby carriers, natural fibre modern cloth nappies, Baltic amber jewellery, organic bamboo babywear and more.
Helen is very proud to be the New Zealand distributor for five product lines, one of which she also exports, and she enjoys sourcing new products and brands which aren't readily available in New Zealand in the natural parenting market.
Helen loves the autonomy of running her own business and finding solutions to customer problems, for example sourcing natural fibre modern cloth nappies for families who's children don't tolerate synthetic fibres against their skin (like her own boys). She also loves and feels very privileged to share birth stories on her website when her birth pool hire customers share them. She feels they are a great resource for prospective parents who may be considering birthing at home or using water for their labour/birth.

Helen says one of the harder things about running a home business around two young children is managing work and family life balance. Life is certainly a juggling act!

Because all Helen's products are also used by her family, its hard for her to choose a favourite, though the Kozy Carrier is very dear to her heart and is one of the brands that Aquabub distributes. Helen says its super comfy, ergonomic and supports baby's developing spine safely. Helen also says she has enjoyed and still does enjoy, carrying both boys in a Kozy as does her husband. She says its liberating to be able to wear the boys on her back, as the boys are comforted and she is still able to get things done around the house or with the business. She also loves to carry them on her front as Aiden has been worn this way since he was a newborn and he loves to sleep in the Kozy Carrier!

Another of Helen's best sellers is her range of Baltic amber teething necklaces - a great alternative for soothing baby's teething pain. They have been traditionally used in Europe for centuries, the necklaces are designed to be worn against the skin. As the Baltic amber warms against the skin, the amber releases oils containing natural analgesic (pain relieving) properties which are absorbed through the skin into the blood stream. Baltic amber also helps skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis and is a natural remedy for many other conditions.

Helen's storefront is her website, but she also attends a local Artisan market once a month and enjoys being able to show selected items from her product range in person. In November Helen will be introducing a lay-by service to make shopping with Aquabub even easier!
So there you now know all about Helen and her wonderful business! Go and have a look at her website and see all the things she has to won't be disappointed!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Toy Bug!

This weeks small business showcase is all about the gorgeous Jo Debnam, owner of The Toy Bug, an online toy store specialising in educational and fun toys.

Jo lives just outside Noosa. She has been married for 17 years to 'the best husband imaginable' and has a gorgeous little boy called Lachlan, who is the inspiration behind starting her business - The Toy Bug.

Lachlan was diagnosed with Autism in January of 2006. Jo wanted to find the great range of toys his therapists (speech, occupational therapy and early intervention centre) were using on her son. The search began and when Jo found them, she decided that she also wanted to share them with other parents, and this is how her flourishing business was born!

Jo's love of toy shopping was also how she decided on the name for her new business. She said she was bitten by 'the Toy Bug' so what better name to call her business than just that! I think it is just perfect.

Jo originally started selling the toys through her Early Intervention Centre, Local Day Care Centres and Kindergartens, though she quickly found the need to open an online store in July 2008. She works from home and is very lucky to have a huge 5 bay car shed to store all her wonderful products in, so they are ready to ship off as soon as orders are taken.

Jo said she loves working from home as she can incorporate work and her son's therapies, though its also challenging at times for her to balance her family and work life, as it is for lots of other home run business's.

Jo has found that joining online forums like connect2mums or celebrating women has been good for her as it allows her to be able to talk to other WAHM's (work at home mums) and she also gets a lot of tips and support from her peers there as well.

Lachlan is Jo's toy tester, which she says he loves, but it does make her house look like Toy World. Lachlan's favourite toys that he tries out get a special listing in Jo's "Lachies Favourites" link on the website, so he can share them with everyone.

Jo's favourite toys are the puzzles. She said she loves puzzles so much as you can teach many different concepts with them. Jo also stocks novelty toys because as a young girl she loved collecting knick knack things like fun stationery and things that were cute. She really likes the novelty toys and thinks they are her side of the business to play with and enjoy.

Jo would never consider selling anything that she wouldn't purchase herself and she treats her customers the way she would like to be treated as a customer. This is very evident in her customer feedback and which she is very proud of earning.

So take a trip over to Jo's website and have a look around. Jo offers a 12 week lay-by service and free gift wrapping on any purchase, which is a great help getting ready for Christmas!

I suggest if you are not already a fan of Jo's facebook page, go and join up now to be the first to learn of any specials or competitions she has going. You can visit her facebook page HERE and you will find her blog HERE.

Jo has a great range of toys and is a lovely lady to deal with. I promise you won't be disappointed shopping with her!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Suga Pink Designs Competition!

Just a heads up to everyone..pop on over to Jenni's blog here and enter into her fantastic competition, but you have to be quick..its ending soon!

Jenni is the woman behind the fabulous Suga Pink Designs website..while you are at her site here have a look at her fantastic portfolio! If you want to follow her on FaceBook as can do so here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Products coming soon!

We have been working hard on a few new products during our month off, while we were entertaining visitors, and they will be starting to go up on our website this week and will be available shortly after that.

We have a gentle foaming bottom wash that can also be used when you are out as a hand/facewash - so its another great multi use product! We also have some of our delicious mummy to be products finally being released. There will be a luscious belly oil for those who have super sensitive tummys that dont really like to be touched and a rich luscious belly butter for those that like to soothe the dreaded belly itchies while relaxing under their loved ones hands with a gentle rub. There will also be a healing nipple oil and butter to help prepare the new mummy to be's nipples for feeding and to help keep them in good condition during the feeding stage.. it is full of healing herbal infusions to heal any problems you might find as well.

So stay tuned for those new products being released over the next two weeks!

Have an excellent day and remember to tune in again on Friday when we will have our next small business showcase. Its a wonderful small business by Vicki Wallis called Little Lottie Lou Lou!

Friday, September 25, 2009

We're going to start to Show Case home and small business's!

Hello Everyone,

I have been asked by followers if I will start to do some show casing of handmade business's and I thought..I already do reviews of products that I have purchased so yes, I could showcase the whole actual business as well!

SO..each fortnight I will showcase a home based or small business here on my blog of those business's that I find who offer great service and products etc.

The very first business I would like to Show Case is none other than MillaRuby Designs!

I have gotten to know Caddie through an online networking group we are both members of called Connect2mums. Caddie is a very friendly small business owner and I count myself lucky to have had this opportunity to get to know her.

Caddie is from Western Australia. She is married and has two gorgeous girls named Millana and Ruby. Caddies girls are her whole world and also her inspiration, so she decided to name her business after them both, and so MillaRuby Designs was born!

While not working, Caddie taught herself to sew. What started out as a hobby though, soon progressed much further as people started wanting garments made for their own children. Caddie didn't want to go back into the work force at that stage as she was really enjoying herself, so she decided to start her own homebased sewing business and see how she went. It was a bit of a gamble at first but as the business grew and expanded, she and her wonderful husband knew she had made a good choice and she was doing what she was good at. Her husband is very supportive and proud of her achievements.

Caddie says that she loves showing her family her new designs and seeing all the excitement in their faces as she designs new things, and this is what keeps her job so special to her, that and wanting other young children around Australia to feel good and look good when they are wearing any of her designs.

As well as making gorgeous and unique clothes for boys and girls, Caddie is also branching out into supplying accessories to complement her MillaRuby clothing range. So you will soon be seeing a variety of bows, ribbons, headbands, again handmade, but by other small business owners, there to match her designs and Caddie herself will make purses to go with them as well!

I suggest you pop on over to her site and have a look around. The clothes are fun, unique and best of all, affordable! To keep the designs unique, all clothing is made in limited numbers, sizes and colours - but if you are after a particular size or colour, I suggest you drop Caddie a line as she will work with you to create exactly what you are wanting as well.

I know I love the fact that not a thousand other little girls are wearing the same clothes that my girls or grand-daughter are wearing, I am sure you will too!

Caddie also makes adorable soft toys, which are perfect for all ages (I recently bought my mother one of her beautiful cuddly owls and she is 65). She uses either chenile or minky material for her soft toys for their tactile appeal and they are easy to wash as well if needed.

I can say that Caddies owls all seem to have a personality of their own (due to being handmade and the love that goes into them I am sure!) and picking which one you will buy is half the fun! I know I took ages picking which one I was going to buy my mum.

Just before I leave you with todays Show Case..I wanted to let you know that Caddie also custom makes pirates. She is very proud of the very first pirate she made - Mick was his name - as it was the first toy she had designed herself. These are only made to order as each one is totally unique. "Mick" was auctioned off for the Jane McGrath Foundation and he had his name and the number 1 tattooed on his arm for authenticity - how cool is that??!!

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about Caddie from MillaRuby Designs and her business here in our very first Show Case! See you in two weeks for the next showcase!

If you want to keep up with Caddie on her blog go HERE.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Millaruby Designs - stunning handmade products!

I just had to let you all know about an amazing woman named Caddie who makes some of the most adorable things I have seen for a long time. Caddie has a Facebook page and a website. I highly recommend you join these and keep an eye on the gorgeous creations she is bringing out all the time. My mother is an owl fan and as soon as I saw Caddie's Owls I KNEW I had to get one for my mother, just because she doesn't have one like these! lol

Caddie was very fast to post my owl to me and I was so impressed with the workmanship. The materials in it were gorgeous and the whole product was so well made! I can't wait to give it to my mother as I know she will love it as much as we have loved seeing him sitting around our house just waiting for a day to say "Love you mum"

Caddie..your products are amazing and I love all the new ideas you are coming out with all the time. I look forward to many more purchases off you soon!

Here is a picture of the gorgeous Owl that I was lucky enough to get off Caddie, isn't he adorable!?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cheeky Chuckles Bed Mats

I have a bedwetter in my household and so when I came across Jo Hill from Cheeky Chuckles with her BD's Bed Mats, I thought I would get one to try it with my daughter, since she is very conscious of her problem and hates having accidents.

I am SO glad I went with my instincts and ordered one of these wonderful mats from Jo. I will certainly be buying some more as my granddaughter is amlost at the age to start learning to stay dry during the night as well now.

As soon as I opened the BD's Bed Mat I could see the excellent quality of them. We have bought bed mats from the local shops before (Big W) and while they were ok, they were not really suitable for anyone who might be an older bedwetter like my child and the size of the bed mat was not as large either as the one that arrived from Jo from Cheeky Chuckles.

The BD's Bed Mat also has much longer tuck in panels at the sides. This is good for those with deeper mattress's and it also holds the Bed Mat more securely in place as the sides have longer panels to really tuck right under the mattress. Another bonus for us, along with the larger actual Bed Mat area to sleep on. Being a larger area in the Bed Mat itself as well ensures that there are no area's that might not be caught in the bed when accidents happen.

They are also finished really lovely and are made out of wonderfully soft and absorbent padding.

A very high quality bed mat. The BD's Bed Mat from Cheeky Chuckles is also so well priced. I paid at least the same as the cost of this high quality Bed Mat for the cheaper, smaller one from a well known baby brand one at the shops.

I had my BD's Bed Mat delived extremely fast as well. All in all a fantastic experience, Jo is a wonderful, friendly business owner who is only too happy to help you with questions.

I thought I should add, they are also very easily washed and dried and ready to go back on the bed the next day. They can also be used not only for those who are toilet training, or if you have a bed wetter like we do, they are also handy for when your child might be sick to make sure that their bed stays clean and fresh if they have an accident then as well. They can also be used on beds of people who might have had surgery, the are so very versatile!

An EXCELLENT Australian product!

I would highly recommend the BD's Bed Mat from Cheeky Chuckles! 10 out of 10!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Soap Competition...

We are now running a soap competition on our facebook page! To be in it all you have to do is post what you would like your very own designer soap to be and you are in the running! So get on over and let your imagination run wild! Release the inner soap goddess inside you! lol You have nothing to lose and free soap in your own design to win!

Here is the link to enter!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Facebook competition!

I have decided to do a facebook competition..for full details go to Bodelicious Fan Page but basically I am getting fans to put in a design for a soap they would like to see..then we will have a draw on it and who ever gets their design picked will get their soap made up for them and they will receive two bars of their specially designed soap sent to them to say thank you!

So head on over if you would like to be involved in my competition!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Connect2mums gathering at Moniques house

I had a great day on Friday. Linda who runs createdbylinda graciously offered to drive all the way here to pick me up and take me to the connect2mums Gold Coast gathering which was hosted by Monique of Your Cheeky Monkey. WOW I met a great group of women there and we all got to listen to a little bit about each other and what we all do, between eating and drawing prizes and general networking. I have so much fun at these events and highly recommend them to all the other members of the connect2mums community!

I am looking forward to the next connect2mums event which will be hosted my Michelle from The House of Vinter on the 1st September and starting at 10:00am

Its so great to see so many work at home mothers supporting each other here in Australia!!

The Gold Coast get together hosted by Monique

The lovely Monique from Your Cheeky Monkey
Monique and Sally from Strawberry Jam with one of Sally's great products

Cass and Leonie

Michelle with a bag she won from Sally

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Products coming soon...

I will be making labels for some new products for my website this week, so they should be ready for pictures and uploaded onto the site by Monday I hope!

I have been working on a few different products for the mummy-to-be and will continue to work on those for the next few weeks tweaking them and getting them ready to put on the site..things are going well so far and I am really loving some of the new butters I am working with (sweet almond butter and sunflower butter) that will be part of the basis for the luscious mummy tummy balm, and for those women who find rubbing things into their tummy a bit too sore, I will have the same great blend in an all oils formula for a luscious mummy tummy oil, which will go on much lighter and gentler.

I will be posting pictures of one or two new products next week, so keep your eyes peeled!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A great week already..

Monday was a really good day..I made three batches of soap and I am always amazed at how relaxed it makes me feel, there is something so grounding about making soap, even after all these years. One was straight lavender for a very special friend of mine. I ground some lavender buds and added them at trace as I love the extra scent they give when you are using your per request, I didn't add any colour at all to this soap, only lavender essential oil, I sprinkled a row of lavender buds down the middle of the log after I texturised the top. The next batch was lavender again, but I decided to try something new. So after I seperated the batch into two, I put sprinkles of ground lavender buds through half of the batch and left the other half plain. I poured the half with ground lavender buds into the bottom of a mold and then sprinkled some more ground lavender buds lightly over the top of it. Then I poured the plain lavender soap on top. The last batch was actually started earlier, it was a half a log of lime, ginger, gingko and green tea soap, and I had enough lavender soap left to fill the log mold, so I did that to see how it would turn out. The pictures of the soaps are here at the end of this post for you to see..let me know what you think!

Today..I got a lot done around home as well as unmolding, cutting and photographing my soap that I made yesterday. I cut them all one at a time by hand, so it takes me a while to cut 100 soaps and space them out on trays for their 4 weeks of curing in the laundry. I am also not the best photographer in the world, so that takes me quite a while to try to work out!

All the soaps are nicely tucked up and doing their thing now, and tomorrow..I am making more soap! I can hardly wait.

Lavender soap

Different lavender soap, bottom has ground lavender buds in it.

Top of this one is lavender, bottom is lime, ginger, gingko & green tea

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pantry Pampering!

We have been talking about ways to pamper ourselves at an online group I am a member of called connect2mums and I thought it would be a great idea to put some of the pantry pampering ideas here as well for anyone who might want or need to have a bit of 'me' time and not have the time to go out.

One of the easiest ways I have of pampering myself at home with things that I have on hand in my pantry is to give myself a milk bath. Its really easy, you can use milk from the shops that you would usually put on your cereal, or long life milk or even powdered milk. Just pour in a half a cup to a cup of milk into a bath of nice warm water, get in and relax and let the milk do its wonders on your skin. Cleopatra really was onto a good thing with her milk baths, they are excellent for you!.

You can add all sorts of things to your bath like honey, oats, tea's and salts, or a combination of them if you want to experiment! I love the honey and oats as well, and also I love to have a bath salt relaxing and good for you.

If you are adding oats, a good tip is to put the oats into a little knee high stocking, or a footie stocking sock and tie up with a rubber band..this will keep the oats from floating all around your bath and having to clean them up when you are finished, as its no fun having a relaxing bath only to have to clean it when you are done!

For the tea's, you can use any regular herbal tea bags for these baths as well, like chamomile, rosehip, hibiscus, and any of the other exotic ones out in the regular supermarkets these days. Just steep a few in a bowl of boiling water for a about 10 minutes and add the liquid to your bath as you are filling it. Easy. If you have lavender or rose petals or other dried flowers/herbs that you would like to can do the same thing for them as well to suit what you are looking for. You can also just toss the tea bags into a stocking and throw that into the bath as its filling if you find that easier than steeping the tea. Works both ways.

Anyway..I hope you enjoy the first of my pantry pampering posts and if you have anything you would want information on, like maybe pantry pampering face masks, leave a comment and I will do some of those for you as well ok!

Now you can't whinge that you have nothing to put in the bath, your pantry is FULL of things you can add to it!

Review on Greek Sweets!

Hello Again..

Well it seems like I was on a roll with winning some give aways. I also received a HUGE box of amazingly delicious Greek Sweets from Despina and her dad.

Its hard to know even where to begin with this huge box of goodies..and it was massive! I was in heaven ohhing and ahhing as I went through the box with my husband, we have not had any Greek sweets since we moved away from Darwin, so this was one special treat!

Sadly I didn't get to take a picture of the box of Greek sweets before we doled out shares between us all..maybe Despina will have taken one of the treats for me and I will post it here for you all to see!

I can tell you though..I took this review of Greek Sweets by Papou's Greek Delights seriously!

I first tried the lovely and sweet Greek Shortbread called "Kourambiethes" I have not had this delicious shortbread for almost 14 years and as soon as this morsel of delicous sweet hit my mouth, I knew I was in love! It was just as marvellous as I remembered my Greek friends making me my whole life in Darwin, the memories it revived were great as well. My eldest daughter (Rachel, 11 years) almost begged everyone for their share of this shortbread, she just loved it so much.

Then I tried the mouth watering delight named "Koulouria" which was a Sesame and Cinnamon Biscuit. soon as I tried this..I knew I loved it, so I quickly swapped my shortbread rations with my eldest daughter for her stash of this delectable treat! Oh my..VERY NICE!!

I was now feeling rather full with a budding belly ache..but do you think I could stop tasting?? NO WAY! lol Next on my taste hit list was a gourmet delight called "Karethe" a Coconut Cake.

This was SO moist and rich in flavour that I only just managed to eat one of the portions sent to about mouth watering! I was bursting full and still I needed to eat more! lol

Lastly..when I thought I could fit no more in..I found one I had not tried, it was called "Paxemathi Amigthala" or Almond Bread.

Well you all know I went gaga over the Koulouria..well this Almond Bread..was stunning..It is a small 'bread' but not..its VERY hard and crunchy and just OMG yummy! I think this would be a tie for love for these two delicious treats! This is also a lovely soft sweet crunchy delight..and I would love more to have at nights with coffee while reading a good now..I had a full blown belly ache and it was all worth every delectable bite!

My mother came over today and I had to share some of the treats with her, I said Despina and her dad sent a HUGE box, there were a few containers of each of these treats, such a generous give away!!

I now want to be adopted and live with them forever so that I dont have to miss out on these scrummy Greek Sweets!

I hope Despina lets me know the link for where to buy these treats, as soon as I find out I will post the link for you all to see!

A truly stunning box of treats!

Review on Handbag from Little Lottie Lou Lou

Hello Everyone..

I received an excellent handbag in the mail on Friday morning from Vicki Wallis - owner of the blog Little Lottie Lou Lou I was the lucky winner of her blog for this great little bag, so I thought I would also do a review on it while I was going.

Its a lovely little bag, not much room in it for many things at all, not like a big over the shoulder one, but this is why I love it! I don't use a handbag too often, so I don't mind a nice compact bag like this, but I do still love to see the quality that it shows, so this wins hands down in my opinion! I was so excited to get it that I took it to town with me on Friday to see how it went and I am in love! It stands up by itself, something else which I love my handbag to do and it just looks so neat and tidy and stylish!

Anyway..I just HAD to let you all know what a fabulouse little, neat, stylish and gorgeous handbag that it was. I am VERY pleased I won it for sure!

Go visit Vicki's blog and website, you wont be disappointed, she has some of the cutest things on there!

Thanks Vicki!
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