Friday, November 6, 2009

Overall Being Christmas Gift Pack Competition!

Hello Everyone! We are part of the following Christmas Gift Pack Competition that Lisa from Overall Being is running right now! Read on to find out more...

Christmas Gift Pack Competition from Overall Being!

Work at home businesses are usually run by mothers who are at home. Mothers who not only devote their time, love, attention, support and passion into the family/home, but also find further love to add into a hobby to create a business.

I would like to thank the following businesses in donating very unique & fabulous prizes to be added into my Overall Being Christmas Gift Basket.

What is inside the basket???

* Agoo Leg Huggers & 10% off card voucher
* MillaRuby Designs A Japanese fabric handmade Bubble Purse with matching shell button
* Pure Natural LivingBare Naked Soap with Goats Milk, Lavender Soap & Lavender Bath Salts.
* Coastal Chocolates x2 Vouchers of their delicious Chocolate Bark
* The House of Vintner 50 Postcards for free Voucher
* Heaven Bound Gifts A diary, notebook and a voucher for $35
* Bodelicious Green Tea Cleansing Bar & Green Clover and Aloe soap
* What I wish I knew Before I Became A Mother Novel.
* Overall Being Pandora Pen, Assorted Grocery Items, Reiki Blessed Crystal Bracelet, An expression Ware Bracelet & a 100g bag of Peaceful Dreams Herbal Tea

So if you like what you have read so far, then pop on over to Lisa's blog HERE and find out HOW you can enter to win this FABULOUS PRIZE!

You could WIN this amazing gift basket from some fabulous WAHM businesses valued over $150 in just following 3 easy steps! Click HERE to read how to enter NOW.

The winner will be announced HERE and on Overall Being's website and also on her Blog HERE.


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