Monday, January 18, 2010

Agoo Australia - first showcase of the year!

Hello Everyone!

Its a magnificent day here in Brisbane today, an excellent day to start off our new year of small business showcases!

The first showcase for this year is Agoo Australia and great timing too as Agoo Australia has a TERRIFIC sale on RIGHT NOW!

Alison established Agoo Australia, based in her home in Woonona, to distribute this innovative clothing range. When the busy mother of 2 active boys discovered this Canadian brand she knew she had to bring it to Australia so Australian parents could also discover the "Stay out and Play" Agoo Collection.

“Young children’s skin is thinner than adult’s skin, is extremely sensitive and can burn easily. Practising sun smart habits during the early years can reduce the risk of skin damage and skin cancer later in life” says Alison Covington.

Assisted by one of her oldest friends, Susan Wallis, also working from home around the needs of her children, Alison and Agoo aim to make a positive impact on the lives of the children of Australia. Encouraging them to get out of the house, outside being active, and sun protected and hopefully setting up healthy habits for life.

Agoo is walking the talk, having joined the Fatlossathon and with Susan training for the City to Surf again this year.

Our first ever clearance sale starts 15 January, with 50% off the entire Agoo activewear clothing range (excluding accessories). Agoo's 50% off sale is available to VIP customers only so make sure you sign up for the newsletter to get the exclusive code. Use it at checkout and your purchases will be 50% off. Easy!"

In conjunction with this sale we are giving away a tee shirt a day for 50 days to a lucky customer who orders from Agoo or one of our stockists. (prizes drawn each week to the total value of $1900, terms and conditions available if required)

Do yourself a favour and go check out the Agoo Australia website HERE and have a look at the gorgeous clothes they have on offer for our precious little ones, you won't be disappointed! Agoo also has a great blog which you can find through their website or just click this easy link to take you there now


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