Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cheeky Chuckles Give Away Winners!

Hello Everyone..

Well we took a while to work out where we are now allowed to announce the winners of the give aways on here, so thank you for your patience Jo! Seems we are not allowed to announce winners on our Facebook page where we were announcing them till now so from now on all announcements of winners will be on here, so you will need to remember to pop in and check up on that yourself ok? I will remind everyone to come to my blog to read who the winners are though on my FB page.

Anyway..without further ADO...here are the three LUCKY WINNERS of this last blog feature from Jo at Cheeky Chuckles!

1.  Louisa Ward - you won the Wee Target, please let us know how you like it and we will update our blog with that information for others!

2.  Sally Guiver - you won the Bodelicious Chocolate Indulgence Soap, please let us know how you liked it and we will update the blog with that information as well.

3.  Hailey - Now we are NOT sure who Hailey is as she has no link to her name on the blog comment to find out who she is..so Hailey PLEASE contact me at info@bodelicious.com.au and I will get you in touch with Jo to receive your lovely prize, which is the TUTU...again..please let us know how you liked it and we will update the blog to let everyone know!

All winners were picked with a random number generator. If we cant find out who Hailey by the end of NEXT week, we will have no option but to redraw her lovely gift win..so please remember to keep an eye out for winners here, and if anyone KNOWS Hailey..please let her know she WON!

Thats all for right now everyone, thank you SO much for making these give aways so much fun!



~Sally~ said...

WOW Thank you!!!

Congratulations everyone else!!

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