Monday, August 10, 2009

Cheeky Chuckles Bed Mats

I have a bedwetter in my household and so when I came across Jo Hill from Cheeky Chuckles with her BD's Bed Mats, I thought I would get one to try it with my daughter, since she is very conscious of her problem and hates having accidents.

I am SO glad I went with my instincts and ordered one of these wonderful mats from Jo. I will certainly be buying some more as my granddaughter is amlost at the age to start learning to stay dry during the night as well now.

As soon as I opened the BD's Bed Mat I could see the excellent quality of them. We have bought bed mats from the local shops before (Big W) and while they were ok, they were not really suitable for anyone who might be an older bedwetter like my child and the size of the bed mat was not as large either as the one that arrived from Jo from Cheeky Chuckles.

The BD's Bed Mat also has much longer tuck in panels at the sides. This is good for those with deeper mattress's and it also holds the Bed Mat more securely in place as the sides have longer panels to really tuck right under the mattress. Another bonus for us, along with the larger actual Bed Mat area to sleep on. Being a larger area in the Bed Mat itself as well ensures that there are no area's that might not be caught in the bed when accidents happen.

They are also finished really lovely and are made out of wonderfully soft and absorbent padding.

A very high quality bed mat. The BD's Bed Mat from Cheeky Chuckles is also so well priced. I paid at least the same as the cost of this high quality Bed Mat for the cheaper, smaller one from a well known baby brand one at the shops.

I had my BD's Bed Mat delived extremely fast as well. All in all a fantastic experience, Jo is a wonderful, friendly business owner who is only too happy to help you with questions.

I thought I should add, they are also very easily washed and dried and ready to go back on the bed the next day. They can also be used not only for those who are toilet training, or if you have a bed wetter like we do, they are also handy for when your child might be sick to make sure that their bed stays clean and fresh if they have an accident then as well. They can also be used on beds of people who might have had surgery, the are so very versatile!

An EXCELLENT Australian product!

I would highly recommend the BD's Bed Mat from Cheeky Chuckles! 10 out of 10!!


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