Monday, October 19, 2009

New Products coming soon!

We have been working hard on a few new products during our month off, while we were entertaining visitors, and they will be starting to go up on our website this week and will be available shortly after that.

We have a gentle foaming bottom wash that can also be used when you are out as a hand/facewash - so its another great multi use product! We also have some of our delicious mummy to be products finally being released. There will be a luscious belly oil for those who have super sensitive tummys that dont really like to be touched and a rich luscious belly butter for those that like to soothe the dreaded belly itchies while relaxing under their loved ones hands with a gentle rub. There will also be a healing nipple oil and butter to help prepare the new mummy to be's nipples for feeding and to help keep them in good condition during the feeding stage.. it is full of healing herbal infusions to heal any problems you might find as well.

So stay tuned for those new products being released over the next two weeks!

Have an excellent day and remember to tune in again on Friday when we will have our next small business showcase. Its a wonderful small business by Vicki Wallis called Little Lottie Lou Lou!


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