Friday, March 5, 2010

Dr.Mom's Prescription for Managing Food Allergies

Dr Rita Malhotra-Kuczabski is a physician, mom and woman dealing with her own food allergies who has recently published a book – “Doctor Mom’s Prescription For Managing Food Allergies” – so this week I have chosen to feature this book on my blog as there are many people out there today with food allergies who might find some help within its pages, so without further ado I would like to share the back cover note of this book here...

Doctor Mom’s Prescription for Managing Your Food Allergies is a guide written to help you safely navigate your food allergies. It contains information for an adult, a child, or a family dealing with these issues. We start at the beginning, with diagnosis and testing. You will learn many techniques to prevent a reaction, but also how to manage one should it occur. Helpful hints are provided for successful label reading, understanding current laws, and becoming familiar with commonly used terminology. Tackling tough social situations and educating family and friends is also addressed. Sensible day to day tactics and food preparation pointers will reinforce your safety net and enhance your lifestyle!

Doctor Mom is a mother, a licensed physician, trained surgeon, and a woman dealing with her own allergies. These helpful strategies come from her heart. They have been derived from her medical knowledge, her personal experiences and her extensive research. They are practical and thoughtful, yet knowledge based. Dr. Rita Malhotra-Kuczabski is dedicated to her family and to the community. She has received honors from her Borough President, and from her city’s Mayor for outstanding community service. The author received both her Bachelor’s Degree, and Medical degree with top honors. She was also the recipient of an annual scholarship to medical school from The Miss America Pageant.

The author invites you to visit her website It offers a great deal of information on the subject including reaction prevention and management, product recommendations and recalls, current legislation, recipes, and much more. The site is proud to provide free online support forums. Embark on this journey with Dr Mom, and together, we will more successfully manage food allergies.

*This book is NOT intended as medical advice. Involve your allergist in any decision making process.*

website with forums:

The book is available from this link:


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