Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hello Everyone..

As you have gathered I am changing the format of my blog over to enabling comments and I would like to be more user friendly on my blog so I will be trying a few things out but I would really like some input into what you all would like to see on my blog. I was thinking to change over the small business feature to doing one a fortnight and then each second week doing an informational blog, so if you are interested in learning about ingredients or herbs or want to learn some pantry pampering..speak up and I will get right onto it for you..

Looking forward to hearing some feedback from you all..if you have any problems posting a comment, please let me know as I have it set up for anyone can post a comment, but it sometimes glitches (like when I go to comment on some other blogs..sometimes it makes me post it twice before it will show it for some reason..) any ideas are welcome!


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