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Cheeky Chuckles revamped!

I have done a feature on Jo Hill and Cheeky Chuckles before but I thought I would re feature her small business as she has expanded to include a variety of fantastic new products, some of which I have had the opportunity to try out for myself and some which I will soon get to try out on my children on their birthdays.

So without further interruptions here is Jo Hill's story..

Jo started Cheeky Chuckles in 2007 after having problems finding products she needed for night time toilet training, such as bed protection. Jo researched and found an awesome product - BD's Bed Mats for Kids. Suddenly there was no need to change all the sheets after those little accidents in the middle of the night!

Jo mentioned the bed mats to friends and they soon wanted them too. There were no retailers in South Australia, so Jo became the state agent and now she supplies them all over the country, along with other helpful products.

Jo likes to support Australian made where possible, and her products are carefully selected and tested before they go on the market.

Cheeky Chuckles currently stock their original BD's Bed Mat's, Bodelicious, Hemer, Wee Target & Little Leggies, and are gradually expanding their range as they find suitable products to share with their followers. The following is a small snippet of some of the great products that Jo and Cheeky Chuckles have available right now!

BD's Bed Mat's are a gem in the middle of the night, a totally waterproof fabric mat that is easily removable with no need to change wet sheets. They are a GREAT product designed and made in Australia. I must add a note to this one, I had a bed wetter in my household. She would worry that she would wet the bed every night and get so upset when she did. I ordered a BD's Bed Mat off Jo and my daughter loved it and with no need to worry if she wet the bed anymore, she was soon no longer a long term bed wetter and she says it was all because of her bed mat, which gave her I HIGHLY recommend these to anyone with either a long term bedwetter like I had (she wet the bed till she was over 10 years) or if you are starting to look at night training your toddler.

They dont get caught up in the sheets either as they have generous sides that tuck under the mattress to hold it in place firmly. These mats can handle a bigger child wetting the mat without overflowing onto the bed as well, so would be good even for older people, or people who are needing to be bedridden for a while etc.

Bodelicious products are just divine and they have a range of babylicious products that include baby soaps and lotions to our all time favourite chocolate indulgence body scrub.

All Bodelicious products are proudly made in Australia.

Hemer have the most gorgeous range of products, from ballet tutu's, singlets, aprons and bookbags for children, as well as many more products in different and fun designs.

All products are designed by a very talented Australian artist/designer.

Wee Targets are great little products designed to help boys aim correctly whilst toilet training. Whoever thought going to the toilet could be so much fun! Wee Targets were designed by an Australian mum and featured on New Inventors!

Jo's newest addition to her range is Little Leggies. The kiddies love them! They are a great size, up to 30cm long, meaning they will fit babies, toddlers and even older kids.

They are designed and made in South Australia by Jo herself! She will be adding more to her range very soon, so stay tuned.

Jo sent me a GORGEOUS pair of these leggings in a fantastic LIME GREEN to do a review on as well. I knew my grand daughter would LOVE them (especially the fantastic bright colour) but I was really surprised that my two daughters also loved them. For my girls they tried them on their legs but it wasn't until they tried them on as arm warmers that they Ohhh'd and Ahhhh'd over them and asked if they could also get a pair in blue so they could wear them to school. SO these fantastic leggings get a thumbs up from all the girls at our house!  They are great quality and unlike a lot of others are in a bright and happy single colour which makes the mixing and matching with things I found easier than having patterns on them. They will be fantastic for winter for school as well, as when they get hot they can take them off and pop them into their bag during autumn when they dont really want to wear a jumper and have to lug that around when they get hot. For Miss Haylee my grand daughter, they were excellent for her legs, perfect fit with room to grow without looking bulky and after running around with my girls and heating up..we just pulled the leggings off her and she kept on playing. WONDERFUL things! I HIGHLY recommend them for any ages!
Check out Cheeky Chuckles at

Jo would like to say a big thanks to all those that have supported and inspired her to pursue her dream, and she hopes to chat with you all very soon.

Jo has a great facebook page HERE and her website can be found HERE

Jo is offering 3 FANTASTIC PRIZES up for grabs for this feature post. To be in the draw you must comment on the blog here at the end of this feature blog post (just click on comments and if you have any trouble commenting let me know) with what product from Cheeky Chuckles online store they would either love to TRY or that they have TRIED and HOW EASY IT THAT???

For simply placing a comment here on either of those two things you could win one of the following:

1 x Wee Target
1 x Tutu or
1 x chocolate indulgence soap

so with your comment put in which prize you would like as well so we can work on getting you the gift of your choice as well (after all you wouldn't need a Tutu for example if you only have boys..unless its for a gift of course!)

So JUMP in quick and post your comment on your favourite product and which prize you would like best and have some FUN!  THANKS JO for the great prizes to give away!


Samantha Anne Nolen said...

I would love to try one of the Bd's Bed Mats and think I will now. Our little princess is a tummy sleeper and we use sposie's so we find sometimes she wets through her nappy without even fidgeting, this Mat would be a brilliant addition and save much washing time!

Also, if chosen to win, I would love a Tutu for my princess!

Kelly said...

I have a mat and it's fab. If I could try something it would the aim thingy. After having three girls, I now have to toilet train my boy and I'm a bit scared. lol

sarah said...

my choice would have to be the wish upon a start cuddly blanket for my son hunter his 4months

louisaward said...

i was actually online searching for a playmat for bub's playpen and found you through facebook. i would love to try one of the wee targets. they are such a great idea. and such a good story.

Candice said...

I really like the look of the pram pals. I have 2 boys & the oldest is yet to be toilet trained so I would love a Wee Target if Im lucky enough to win :)

just smile said...

I would love to try the Chocolate Indulgence Body Scrub, it sounds devine. I think I'd be tempted to eat it, so I'd have to make sure I have some actual chocolate on hand to satisfy all my senses! If I'm a lucky winner i'd love a Tutu for my little girl.

Di said...

I'd love to try the Babylicious Baby Boy Gift Pack, because it contains a number of products that would be suitable for my boy - I especially love the sound of the Gentle Oats soap!
Id love the chocolate indulgence soap because it sounds so luxurious and, well, indulgent! lol

Hailey said...

Oh my Cc products are so awesome. I would love to be able to try one of the bed mats. We are about to start toilet training and I'm pretty sure one of these would come in handy.
I would also lve to be able to put my little miss in a tutu.. oh my she would be gorgeous.

Jen Muir vs. said...

I love the bed mats too!

I would love to win either the chocolate soap for myself, or the tutu for my daughter

jo said...

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to pop in and say how much I appreciate all of your awesome comments!! Good luck and thanks again
Jo xx

craig said...


I love all these products. I have a friend expeciting a baby soon, and I will be sure to pass all this info on to her to see if she loves it all as much as I do.

I am very soon planning on purchasing the baby travel set for her as a gift for when bubs arrives!

...Rebecca Rutland...

melissa ( said...

I would love a blanky if I were lucky enough to win.......... =)

~Sally~ said...

My current addiction is with soap (would be chocolate, but that's not good for the weight loss hehe) So I would LOVE to try the choc soap and to win it would be even better =D


Kym said...

I would love the tutu! I love that it sticks out just like a ballerina one! How special to spin around in!

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