Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pikinini Dolls

Pikinini Dolls - for the hearts of children by the hands of mamas!

These GORGEOUS handmade dolls are handmade in Cape Town.

As the children of the world are unique, each doll is unique and comes in the full range of skin colours.

The aim of Pikinini Dolls is to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, we only use non-synthetic fibres and are beginning to source and use quality off-cuts and 'waste' from the clothing industry.

Children need the opportunity to play with toys that are imbued with love and originate from human hands as conscious creations, as opposed to their factory-made, plastic counterparts that are produced at the expense of the earth and its people. All our dolls and toys are safe and ideal for all inner children of any age and gender.

Integral to Pikinini Dolls vision is the channeling of their toys to children who have fallen outside of the family structure and who are especially in need of the therapeutic power of play. Play is essential to healing as children play with their hearts. Pikinini Dolls pledge that out of every ten dollars made, one will be given to a child in the state welfare system.

Pikinini Dolls are all about the creation of quality handmade dolls and toys through empowering a small group of mothers with marketable skills and employment.

These mothers make each individual doll with great love and care, while executing much of their work with their children around them.

A little about the creators of Pikinini Dolls..

Jade has been making dolls and teaching doll-making for 8 years. She is a single mother to Luca and runs a playgroup in Muizenberg. Her passions are hand-work, children and the environment and all these came together in starting the business and the creation of the toys.

 Elinah is a young mother to Paul from Zimbabwe. She is an assistant at the play group and is currently studying early childhood care and development (educare). She will be a partner in this small business.

 Catherine is South African born and bred, married to a Zimbabwean. She is 38 and has six children and six grandchildren. Brenda and Ester are her daughters.

Brenda is a 23 year old mother of two boys with another on the way.

Ester is 16 years old and a single mother of one little boy.

 The quality of these dolls is undisputed and they all have their own character!

They are an environmentally friendly business with an environmentally friendly product.

Currently their studio is based at a small playschool in Muizenberg, Cape Town.

Pikinini is all about quality, love and the supporting of women and children in a variety of ways.

They aim to have a wide range of environmentally friendly handmade toys that speak to the hearts of contemporary children.

Their dream is to see their facilities and team grow and consolidate in order to supply their product locally as well as internationally.

These absolutely STUNNING dolls are the only ones available at this time. As I mentioned earlier they are all UNIQUE dolls and are all from a limited edition and numbered. If you would like one of these gorgeous dolls please email me at and let me know which one. First in first served! They are a bargain at $35.00 each. I receive NO money from these dolls, it all goes back to these women..I just thought I would help them get their name out there!

Have an excellent day!

Amanda xo


Anonymous said...

They are awesome Amanda, you are truly wonderful doing this for the talented women that make these gorgeous dolls. They will do well!!

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