Friday, August 3, 2012

Hello Hello!

Hello Hello!

I know I have been away from my blog for quite a while now, but it was unaviodable as I went back to work full time after moving over to Perth, Western Australia!

I have now finished full time work and am looking at re-starting my blog and reconnecting with you all..which brings me to my first question...WHAT would you all like to see posted on my blog? If anyone is interested in making soap or other bath and body products or information on ingredients, then I can do that, if you would like to do online blog classes on how to pamper yourself from your own pantry..I can do that! If you would like me to do reviews, I can do that...if you would like me to go over weekly do-it-yourself projects of all types (crafts, home handyman issues, food idea's etc) well I can do that as well! lol..

So I am asking for input from you all on what you would like to see and we can go from there..I want this to be a very interactive blog, not just another blog where no one interacts or we grow I will again put up fun things to do for free gifts..cause if you are anything like me you will LOVE a free gift now and again, RIGHT??

Lets do it!

Amanda xo


Linda Lee said...

Soaping, crafting, eating, three of my favorite things! Though not necessarily in that order;-)
Good to see you back!

twmbabec said...

I'd like to see basic recipes for quickly made pamper goodies, eg a DIY milk bath, DIY foot balm etc... that sort of thing. Also, I'd love to see your online blog classes. :)

milly2u said...

Hi Linda..its good to be back! Even though I will be changing the format of my blog, I dont want to lose the friendliness we have here. I will try to do some freebies as well as I am offered some to pass along. I would like to make the blog into a big idea and Do-it-myself area where I can share D-I-Y projects and some easy recipes and pantry pampering stuff.

milly2u said...

Hi Bec! What sort of quick pampering things would you like to get started with? I think because its spring soon we should look at things like homemade body scurbs to get our scaley aligator legs and arms ready for showing off in the sun..and maybe some quick and yummy face masks..mmmmm

milly2u said...

I will post here this week with some of the DIY get ready for spring ideas. For the online classes, they will be easier to do on my Facebook keep an eye out for them over the next weeks.

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