Monday, February 15, 2010

Leisa Jones Creative Design!

Last week we featured Leisa's new business Twinkle Tush Baby Cakes, and this week we are letting you read all about her founding business Leisa Jones Creative Design! I hope you enjoy reading all about this fantastic lady and her business's. Drop by her sites and have a look around, she is fantastic to work with and really knows her you won't be disappointed!


Leisa Jones Creative Design began way back in 2003 under the name of Leisa's Heartfelt Invitations after going through a very traumatic time both personally and emotionally. I had a 2.5 year old to look after, I was suffering from panic attacks, I had no car, I had no job and emotionally wasnt in the best space. I had to do something from home so here began my creative side. A rough start, but totally worth it all.

I started making Wedding Invitations and selling them through a local Wedding Boutique. This kept me quite busy and began to give me back my confidence. I also began working with Posh Bridal Stationery in Brisbane which kept my little office at home very busy.

The more i was designing invites the more my creative side began to resurface. Through word of mouth I began to receive design jobs, but more so in late 2008. Last year I really began to get my name out there and the jobs started to grow.

When designing, i like to get to know my client, but this sometimes is a little hard if my client lives at the end of the country. I try and tune into the person & research their business so i can get a little bit of background info and design something that truly suits their business.

One of the latest designs I have created was for Lisa kavenagh from Overall Being. Lisa's Business covers such a lot of different products and her previous logo was a Lotus flower. After sitting quietly I came through with the following logo, which Lisa is very very happy with, and to be honest Im really happy with it too. I also create my own logos which is great and my latest logo is Twinkle Tush Baby Cakes.

Twinkle Tush Baby Cakes - the perfect gift for babies tushies & twinkles is yet another creative branch of Leisa Jones Creative Design. I design and create Nappy Cakes for the new Mum & bub.

Leisa Jones Creative Design can create a logo for you and your business, we also design business cards, letterheads, brochures, corporate printing, labels, stickers, Gift Voucher and lots lots more. I have a quick turn around time, as I know this is very important to my clients running their business.


If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact me no matter how big or small your querie. I take pride in my work and the relationship that I have with my clients. I endeavour to make your dealings with Leisa Jones Creative Design an easy experience.

My website displays a variety of my jobs that i have recently created and you can also contact me through my website too. or directly on

Kindest Regards
Leisa Jones
"LJ Creative Design"
m | 0411 409 234
e |
w |


TEEs Me, Please! said...

This is very inspiring. I love Overall Being's new logo :)

As someone that has panic attacks and very little confidence it is great to see that someone can overcome this and fly :)

well done Leisa :)

Maria said...

Well done Bodelicious Ramblings for hosting a blog for the talented Leisa.

Your work is just exquisite Leisa. I'm now a fan of your work & your FB fan page.


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