Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A great week already..

Monday was a really good day..I made three batches of soap and I am always amazed at how relaxed it makes me feel, there is something so grounding about making soap, even after all these years. One was straight lavender for a very special friend of mine. I ground some lavender buds and added them at trace as I love the extra scent they give when you are using your soap..as per request, I didn't add any colour at all to this soap, only lavender essential oil, I sprinkled a row of lavender buds down the middle of the log after I texturised the top. The next batch was lavender again, but I decided to try something new. So after I seperated the batch into two, I put sprinkles of ground lavender buds through half of the batch and left the other half plain. I poured the half with ground lavender buds into the bottom of a mold and then sprinkled some more ground lavender buds lightly over the top of it. Then I poured the plain lavender soap on top. The last batch was actually started earlier, it was a half a log of lime, ginger, gingko and green tea soap, and I had enough lavender soap left to fill the log mold, so I did that to see how it would turn out. The pictures of the soaps are here at the end of this post for you to see..let me know what you think!

Today..I got a lot done around home as well as unmolding, cutting and photographing my soap that I made yesterday. I cut them all one at a time by hand, so it takes me a while to cut 100 soaps and space them out on trays for their 4 weeks of curing in the laundry. I am also not the best photographer in the world, so that takes me quite a while to try to work out!

All the soaps are nicely tucked up and doing their thing now, and tomorrow..I am making more soap! I can hardly wait.

Lavender soap

Different lavender soap, bottom has ground lavender buds in it.

Top of this one is lavender, bottom is lime, ginger, gingko & green tea


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