Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Products coming soon...

I will be making labels for some new products for my website this week, so they should be ready for pictures and uploaded onto the site by Monday I hope!

I have been working on a few different products for the mummy-to-be and will continue to work on those for the next few weeks tweaking them and getting them ready to put on the site..things are going well so far and I am really loving some of the new butters I am working with (sweet almond butter and sunflower butter) that will be part of the basis for the luscious mummy tummy balm, and for those women who find rubbing things into their tummy a bit too sore, I will have the same great blend in an all oils formula for a luscious mummy tummy oil, which will go on much lighter and gentler.

I will be posting pictures of one or two new products next week, so keep your eyes peeled!


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