Saturday, July 18, 2009

Review on Greek Sweets!

Hello Again..

Well it seems like I was on a roll with winning some give aways. I also received a HUGE box of amazingly delicious Greek Sweets from Despina and her dad.

Its hard to know even where to begin with this huge box of goodies..and it was massive! I was in heaven ohhing and ahhing as I went through the box with my husband, we have not had any Greek sweets since we moved away from Darwin, so this was one special treat!

Sadly I didn't get to take a picture of the box of Greek sweets before we doled out shares between us all..maybe Despina will have taken one of the treats for me and I will post it here for you all to see!

I can tell you though..I took this review of Greek Sweets by Papou's Greek Delights seriously!

I first tried the lovely and sweet Greek Shortbread called "Kourambiethes" I have not had this delicious shortbread for almost 14 years and as soon as this morsel of delicous sweet hit my mouth, I knew I was in love! It was just as marvellous as I remembered my Greek friends making me my whole life in Darwin, the memories it revived were great as well. My eldest daughter (Rachel, 11 years) almost begged everyone for their share of this shortbread, she just loved it so much.

Then I tried the mouth watering delight named "Koulouria" which was a Sesame and Cinnamon Biscuit. soon as I tried this..I knew I loved it, so I quickly swapped my shortbread rations with my eldest daughter for her stash of this delectable treat! Oh my..VERY NICE!!

I was now feeling rather full with a budding belly ache..but do you think I could stop tasting?? NO WAY! lol Next on my taste hit list was a gourmet delight called "Karethe" a Coconut Cake.

This was SO moist and rich in flavour that I only just managed to eat one of the portions sent to about mouth watering! I was bursting full and still I needed to eat more! lol

Lastly..when I thought I could fit no more in..I found one I had not tried, it was called "Paxemathi Amigthala" or Almond Bread.

Well you all know I went gaga over the Koulouria..well this Almond Bread..was stunning..It is a small 'bread' but not..its VERY hard and crunchy and just OMG yummy! I think this would be a tie for love for these two delicious treats! This is also a lovely soft sweet crunchy delight..and I would love more to have at nights with coffee while reading a good now..I had a full blown belly ache and it was all worth every delectable bite!

My mother came over today and I had to share some of the treats with her, I said Despina and her dad sent a HUGE box, there were a few containers of each of these treats, such a generous give away!!

I now want to be adopted and live with them forever so that I dont have to miss out on these scrummy Greek Sweets!

I hope Despina lets me know the link for where to buy these treats, as soon as I find out I will post the link for you all to see!

A truly stunning box of treats!


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