Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pantry Pampering!

We have been talking about ways to pamper ourselves at an online group I am a member of called connect2mums and I thought it would be a great idea to put some of the pantry pampering ideas here as well for anyone who might want or need to have a bit of 'me' time and not have the time to go out.

One of the easiest ways I have of pampering myself at home with things that I have on hand in my pantry is to give myself a milk bath. Its really easy, you can use milk from the shops that you would usually put on your cereal, or long life milk or even powdered milk. Just pour in a half a cup to a cup of milk into a bath of nice warm water, get in and relax and let the milk do its wonders on your skin. Cleopatra really was onto a good thing with her milk baths, they are excellent for you!.

You can add all sorts of things to your bath like honey, oats, tea's and salts, or a combination of them if you want to experiment! I love the honey and oats as well, and also I love to have a bath salt relaxing and good for you.

If you are adding oats, a good tip is to put the oats into a little knee high stocking, or a footie stocking sock and tie up with a rubber band..this will keep the oats from floating all around your bath and having to clean them up when you are finished, as its no fun having a relaxing bath only to have to clean it when you are done!

For the tea's, you can use any regular herbal tea bags for these baths as well, like chamomile, rosehip, hibiscus, and any of the other exotic ones out in the regular supermarkets these days. Just steep a few in a bowl of boiling water for a about 10 minutes and add the liquid to your bath as you are filling it. Easy. If you have lavender or rose petals or other dried flowers/herbs that you would like to can do the same thing for them as well to suit what you are looking for. You can also just toss the tea bags into a stocking and throw that into the bath as its filling if you find that easier than steeping the tea. Works both ways.

Anyway..I hope you enjoy the first of my pantry pampering posts and if you have anything you would want information on, like maybe pantry pampering face masks, leave a comment and I will do some of those for you as well ok!

Now you can't whinge that you have nothing to put in the bath, your pantry is FULL of things you can add to it!


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